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Marine Refrigeration

Marine Refrigeration


The experienced team at Freezetec is at the forefront of advanced marine refrigeration systems because of their continued research and development. We have designed and installed all styles of refrigeration systems to meet the increasing demands of the social and commercial boating industry. Proven technology and Freezetec’s pride of workmanship ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of customers’ refrigeration systems.

Our range includes:

Mains or generator powered

For vessels requiring either high volume fridge/freezer cabinets or multiples of cabinets in various areas with capacities available to meet any situation.

Engine drive

A good option for vessels requiring big capacity and fast pull down rates using the main engine to power the compressor. Any capacity catered for.

12/24 volt low voltage

For the smaller capacity systems where power supply and weight is a consideration. With our advanced design, this has become a popular choice. See our Waeco /Nova Kool low voltage range.

Evaporator tanks & plates (Eutectic and FF Plates)

Custom made from stainless steel or aluminum designed to suit the capacity of the system, either as a constant cycling fast freeze evaporator plate or as a eutectic holding tank for fridge or freezer applications, multiples of plates or tanks can be used.

Seawater Cooled Condensers (Heat Exchangers)

A range of condensers are available including Aqua Systems heat exchangers, and Packless condensers. Available in a range of sizes. All options are available for use in fresh water, salt water or brine.

Insulated Cabinets

Custom made in either stainless steel or fiberglass or a combination of both, utilizing high density polyurethane insulation. We manufacture in any size or shape to suit your requirements.


  • Systems designed to meet your individual requirements.
  • Highest quality components for long life & reliable operation.
  • Off engine or mains powered condensing units or combination systems.
  • Stainless steel high capacity eutectic holding tanks if required.
  • Latest high-tech refrigerants and drop in conversion refrigerants.
  • Professional installations you will be proud to show off.
  • Pride of workmanship ensures complete customer satisfaction.
  • Please contact us for the very best in sales, service and repairs.