Custom Eutectic Refrigeration Systems

Custom Eutectic Refrigeration Systems

Freezetec manufacture high quality Eutectic Holding Tanks to suit the marine and transport industries.

Our Eutectic Holding tanks are manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel with 1.6 mm internal steel pipes for maximum efficiency and durability. The pipes are terminated to a tig welded stainless steel standard ½” male flare fitting to enable easy fitment. The tanks are then filled with a specific glycol/water mix to suit the required temperature.

All Freezetec Eutectic Holding Tanks are custom manufactured to suit the specific requirement. Odd sizes and shapes are no problem for our technicians. Multiple circuits are also available.

Trade enquiries are welcome.

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Fast Freeze Plates

Freezetec manufacture high efficiency work tough direct expansion constant cycling evaporator plates. The plates are constructed utilizing heavy duty 1.6mm marine grade aluminum and internal refrigeration grade copper tube.

The plates are double sided for maximum surface area and injected with a thermopaste for maximum conduction.

Trade enquiries are welcome.

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